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Tips to Evaluate a Wilmington NC School

  1. Search the school online. Log on to the school's website and the school district's website to find out about Wilmington NC school information.  Visit the school district website using the links on the right side of this page. You can also do some research using our  interactive widget located in the middle of this page.
  2. Talk to the principal. Ask questions about the school, policies, teachers, safety record and emergency response.
  3. Go the school.  Do you get a good feeling about he schools appearance, student body, location and overall environment?
  4. Meet with teachers and staff.  One thing you might want to ask if their children attend the school.
  5. Meet with other parents.  The principle might be able to supply you with names of parents who would be comfortable chatting with you.  When school let's out, introduce yourself to a few parents waiting to pick up their child.
  6. Read up on local news. Check out the coverage of the school district in local newspapers, and be sure to take a look at the letters to the editor for feedback on what the locals are really saying.
  7. Look for red flags. Cost cutting programs that often save money by cutting  programs important to you, or by charging higher fees to play sports.
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